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Expertise: Nutrition, Weight Loss, Holistic Weight Loss

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Expertise: Nutrition & Weight Loss

Based on years of medical research, Integrated Medical Centers has developed a program for weight loss success which includes: fat-burning injections, appetite control aids, whole body cleansing, nutritional counseling and an exercise regimen. Our doctors will complete a thorough examination, including blood work, in order to determine the best treatment options for your current physical condition. 

John Saavedra

Personal Trainer

If you have a hard time losing weight, a medically supervised weight loss program could be right for you. Integrated Medical Centers offers supervised weight loss programs of the highest caliber. Our physicians, weight loss counselors and personal trainers will work with you to assess your current level of health, to assist you in reaching your goal weight. You will benefit from professional insight of your individual health concerns and have a partner in your weight loss, every step of the way.

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